Do you use spreadsheets for your invoices?

Don't use a modern Accounting system?

Using our solution,

MTD VAT electronic filing is very 

similar to completing the HMRC web page, 

or the paper form

Follow this process to file MTD VAT: 

1. Get your BGT system and Logon as Master Admin. 

2. Click the VAT icon to go to the VAT Manage pages.

3.Click complete the VAT boxes. Save.

4. On the VAT File & History page, Click "Submit".

5. Authorise the BGT system to file the VAT return for you.

6. Done.

*We made it FREE - or, from £25 a year if you want a lot more.

(including 500Mb usage/storage per month).

Input your VAT data - just like the HMRC site -

then, just file your MTD VAT return.




We will help you solve your MTD VAT e-filing problem 

You don't have to use an accounting solution 

costing hundreds of £££s.

Use your existing accounts system- or use ours.

Emergency VAT filing.

Free for micro-business: others from £25 per year*. 

All inclusive.


We built the VAT e-filing mechanism as an integrated part of our Accounting, Forecasting, CRM, Project Management and Web Site package: Free!

For £25 a year, you get everything you need - on a low-share server. 



We own our own server farm, we have no debt, and we don't need or want to sell advertising space to Google or anyone else



Your first VAT electronic filing done in under 10 minutes:

We recognise that many people already have an accounting system - and do not want nor need to start using a cloud based system. We agree with you. 

You need a system into which you can place your information required for your VAT filing, that:
  • Safely stores your input data,
  • Genuinely ensures that your data remains private,
  • Does not fund the service from advertising,
  • That swiftly allows you to file your VAT information electronically - and
  • Then allows you to see what has been done - fully.
  • Stores the data so you can see it when ever you want.

This is not a difficult requirement. 

Consequently, we have built the system to cater for your needs exactly.  



Our sister company is BusinessGT Ltd., and they have the system you need. 

On the next page, we'll show you the steps you need to take in pictures.

Here is the link to the BusinessGT website

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