We are a small team, 

based in High Wycombe

We'd like to change the world, in a small way.


We built the MTD VAT electronic filing system for ourselves

(it works very securely with HMRC, like a credit card payment).

We thought you might like to use it

Free with the BusinessGT system.


We own our software intellectual property and server farm. We have no debt. The software was written by our sister company, ManagerPro


We own our own server farm - we don't use Google. Microsoft or Amazon.

We do not believe that your information is kept private in those places. 


We build secure internet based software - it is on our own Microsoft Server resilient platforms, uses Microsoft SQL databases, plus our own content management, Accounting, CRM, Project management and we use Hmail Email software. 

Based in High Wycombe alongside a couple of sister companies, we have marketeers, accountants, sales plus the systems analysts and developers we require.


We keep your data private

Did you know that between Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook that they turned over more than $500,000 million in the year 2019 (nearly 1/2 a trillion $). They declared profits of more than $150bn

Now, think about how that profit was made How much of it was made from selling data on you - for advertising purposes: Hmmmm

Just so you know: our software does not retain (in any form) any of your sensitive information such as bank or credit card details: we leave that to the banks and HMRC. 


Have further questions? 

Contact us on support@businessgt.co.uk