We are a small team, 

based in High Wycombe

We'd like to change the world, in a small way.


We built the MTD VAT electronic filing system

(it works very securely, like a credit card payment).

We thought you might like to use it -

Free with the BusinessGT system.


All of the software is owned by our sister company, ManagerPro


We own our own server farm - we don't use Google or Amazon.

We do not believe that your information is really private in those places. 


We build secure internet based software - it is on our own Microsoft Server resilient platforms, uses Microsoft SQL databases, plus our own content management, Accounting, CRM, Project management and we use Hmail Email software. 

Based in High Wycombe alongside a couple of sister companies, we have marketeers, accountants, sales plus the systems analysts and developers we require.

Just so you know: our software does not retain (in any form) any of your sensitive information such as bank or credit card details: we leave that to the banks and HMRC. 


Have further questions? 

Contact us on support@businessgt.co.uk